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Once-Frozen for the Best Quality


Everyone knows that if you freeze any food twice, the quality will suffer. The same is true for seafood. Because it is caught and fully processed in Alaska, nearly all Genuine Alaska Pollock® is once-frozen. This process preserves the exceptional eating characteristics of Alaska pollock, ensuring top quality consumer products. In fact, independent scientific studies have confirmed that Genuine Alaska Pollock is superior to twice-frozen pollock in more than 40 important quality categories, including color, aroma, texture, and flavor.

The skilled crews at our processing plants and on our vessels are the key to the quality and consistency of all Genuine Alaska Pollock products. Their efforts result in products that are not only better tasting, but also have fewer defects and are easier to process than competing products due to the strict quality control measures they

Quality Inspection


    Once-Frozen     Twice-Frozen
  STEP 1 Caught by catcher boat
or catcher/processor
  STEP 1 Caught by catcher boat
or catcher/processor
  STEP 2 Processed immediately into
fillet blocks, IQF fillets or
surimi and frozen.
  STEP 2 Headed and gutted and frozen.
      STEP 3 Shipped to processing plant.
      STEP 4 Thawed.
        STEP 5 Processed into fillets or fillet
blocks and frozen a second time.
> Independent studies show that once-frozen Genuine Alaska Pollock is superior to twice-frozen pollock.
> Freezing any product twice results in loss of moisture, a mushier texture, loss of sea fresh flavor, and the possibility of off-odors cause by deterioration and the oxidation of fats.
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