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The processing of Alaska pollock starts with fish caught in the pristine waters of the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska. These clear, clean, and cold waters are the perfect environment for pollock to develop. Soon after being caught, the fish are carefully processed by dedicated production teams on board at-sea processing vessels or at shore-based processing plants. Then they are immediately flash frozen. This approach preserves the color, flavor, aroma, and nutritional value of this versatile food.

All once-frozen Genuine Alaska Pollock® products are subject to stringent quality-control measures to ensure they meet market demands. They offer consistency for consumer food manufacturers, in the way they meet their strict requirements for raw materials and also provide predictable results in finished products. And once-frozen

Processing of Alaska pollock

Genuine Alaska Pollock offers a better eating experience than competing whitefish products. It is more tender and flaky, with beautiful white meat and a mild flavor – all attributes that consumers favor.

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All fish entering the processing plant are weighed so fishery managers know precisely how much fish is harvested.

Federal fishery observers document the catch and collect data for fishery managers.

Alaska pollock are automatically filleted.

Processors check each fillet for quality.

Quality control staff double check all products for quality and consistency.

Fillets are then made into fillet blocks, surimi, IQF fillets, or shatterpack fillets.

Final products are frozen immediately.

After freezing, products are packaged and placed in cold storage.

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