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The members of the Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers pride themselves on delivering top quality Alaska pollock that will become the primary ingredient in popular consumer fish products. Unlike many whitefish products, all natural Genuine Alaska Pollock® is frozen once – and only once – giving it the superior quality favored by leading consumer food producers.

Genuine Alaska Pollock is processed into the following primary products:

1) Fillet Blocks are composed of whole fillets that are frozen in frames under pressure to exact dimensions. Genuine Alaska Pollock blocks can be cut or formed into myriad shapes for value-added seafood products. They are available pinbone-in or pinbone-out.

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2) Deep-Skinned Fillet Blocks are composed of whole
boneless fillets that have the fat line removed. They are produced in the same way as fillet blocks.

3) IQF Fillets are whole fillets that are individually quick frozen (IQF) in a continuous freezer. They are then glazed to protect them during storage and packed into bags or cases.
4) Shatterpack Fillet Blocks are whole fillets that are interleaved with plastic and then frozen as a block. The plastic interleaf allows the user to remove individual fillets without thawing.
5) Surimi is made from Alaska pollock meat that is minced and washed to remove everything but the fish protein. Natural flavorings and ingredients are added to the surimi to produce the final surimi seafood products. Produced to the highest international standards, Genuine Alaska Pollock surimi is the premium raw material for surimi seafood products.
6) Pollock Roe is a delicacy prized in Japan. It is processed into tarako (salted roe) or mentaiko (spiced roe).
Fillet Blocks    Deep-Skinned Fillet Blocks
1) Fillet Blocks   2) Deep-Skinned
    Fillet Blocks
IQF Fillets   Shatterpack Fillet Blocks
3) IQF Fillets   4) Shatterpack
    Fillet Blocks
Surimi   Pollock Roe
5) Surimi   6) Pollock Roe
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