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Gadus chalcogrammus

The journey of Wild Alaska Pollock begins in the pristine waters of Alaska. One of the most abundant food fish in the world, Alaska pollock lives throughout the North Pacific Ocean and Alaska's Bering Sea, and well as in the Gulf of Alaska. It is harvested in its natural habitat and either processed at-sea onboard a catcher/processor or mothership, or in a shore-based processing plant, then distributed worldwide. The Alaska pollock fishery is the largest fishery in the United States and one of the largest in the world. It is also the largest certified sustainable fishery in the world. Through careful management, landings of U.S. Alaska pollock have averaged 1.22 million metric tons (2.7 billion pounds) per year over the past 20 years.

Delicious and Versatile
A member of the cod family,
Alaska pollock has a mild
cod-like taste, white

"I am deeply impressed by Alaska's wild, beautiful landscape and the passion of the people. I had the opportunity to discover where Alaska pollock is caught and how fast it is processed. It's a very fresh and pure product - my opinion of Alaska pollock is definitely different today - better!"
–Nils Egtermeyer, German celebrity chef/fish expert


flaky meat and a delicate
texture. It is a prized
ingredient in more than
1,000 consumer products
worldwide, including
value-added seafood
meals; breaded seafood
favorites, such as fish sticks, fish sandwiches and fish and chips; and surimi seafood products. It is also widely used in the foodservice sector as a premium whitefish option.

> Alaska pollock are harvested when they are three or four years old or older.
> Harvested fish average one to
two pounds.
> A cousin to cod.

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